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Childrens M&M Choir

We call our Children's Choir and Missions Program M&M's for Music and Missions. We are so blessed in our church family to have teachers who Love Children and are gifted from God in teaching chldren. Leigh Ann Caldwell leads our children's Music program where our children learn voice to hold their mouths open and breath deeply and sing to the Lord from their heart... and Diction to pronounce their words distinctly and clearly. They are taught how to read notes and count rhythms. They learn to play rhythm instruments, kazoos, and bells. These wonderful children sing in our worship service at least once a month. All of our teaching is done with our wonderful God and his ways and his teachings at the core of what we say and do. We want to be reflectors of Jesus Christ and his ways to our children.We know that God's way and God's teachings are the best for us and for our children because God loves each one of us and wants the best for us. We invite you to bring your precious chlidren and they can join in the fun and fellowship and learning.